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Danitop is produced with a bottom in polyether or "cold foam" which is put on a "top" of loose filling.

The top is sewn in channels, which gives you plenty of opportunities for forming the seat comfort of the cushion.

The cushion has an internal seam with a minimum of 8 stitches per 2 cm, which makes the sewing down- and feather proof.

The cushion is primarily used for seat and is none reversible.



The construction is perfect, if you want a cushion, not being too soft but still having that "look" which a loose filling cushion gives to a sofa.

By means of the different fillings, the cushion can be produced with any wanted comfort. The channels prevent the filling "wandering around" which gives minimal upkeep.
By the manufacturing, there is only used environmentally friendly glue without the use of solvents.




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