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Danicore is constructed with a foam core encircled by loose filling.

The cushion can be constructed as you wish both reversible and non-reversible.
This construction is often produced with channel sewing.

The core can be produced with a wedge in the front or with extra wadding glued on. The cushion has an internal seam with a minimum of 8 stitches per 2 cm, which makes the sewing down- and feather proof.


This construction is suitable for both back- and seat cushions.


The seat comfort can vary according to the type of foam core and filling. The construction with foam encircled by loose filling gives a cushion a firm seat comfort but a soft look.
It is a very durable cushion with a long life span - especially if it is reversible.
If a wedge is glued on the front edge of the cushion where the biggest load is, it will recover faster, which minimizes the need for working up the cushion.




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