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foam for furniture

B6 Gruppen has more than 30 years of experience in producing foam for the furniture industry.


Our product range includes everything from foam qualities in polyether to cold foam (HR) to CMHR/CME and MDI foam.

We have the necessary technology and equipment for the processing of foam.

Like that, our machines are "up to date" and include a CNC-cutter, rotary splats,  vertical cutter and horizontal cutter etc.


In our glue department, we offer all kinds of bonding of foam items, wadding- or fibertex attachments and tricot coating.


The specialists in the product development department at B6 Gruppen will gladly provide you with their experience. Architects, product developers and manufacturers are always welcome to contacts us, so that together we can develop the upholstry furniture of the future.



Our foam meets the following fire testing requirements: 

Cold foam (HR): Bulletin 117, sec. A and D from the State of California and FMVSS 301.

CMHR/CME-foam: BS 5852 part 2.


All our foam is Øko-Tex- certified and several of our qualities is marked with "The Swan" 


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seat constructions

Seat constructions can be delivered in cold foam and polyether foam in different qualities.

Including fire-retardant qualities.


The seats come with or without attached wadding or casing.
Furthermore, it is also possible to coat with leotard.


The cold foam qualities have a greater ability to raise after long times use, and have everything else being equal, a longer lifespan than the plain polyether qualities.

By attaching either wadding or soft foam to the surface of a foam cushion, you can get the same soft "look" as a down cushion gives to a sofa.  

Because of our wide range of foam qualities, there is rich opportunity to create a pillow precisely with the desired comfort.



cushions with camber

Cushions with cambers have a rounded surface, which combines design and maximum comfort.
Even cushions with a low edge will appear soft and bulky in the seat area, and they achieve a good filling of the pillowcase. 
Like that you can achieve a cushion with the seat comfort of the solid foam and a look, just like a "loose filled cushion"

Cushions with cambers can be made either by cutting into one complete piece or by the attachment of another foam piece.


It is possible to combine different foam qualities. 


The cushions come as both "reversible" and "non-reversible".




b6 gruppen

Your preferred business partner and supplier, when it comes to comfortable cushions and foam items.

We offer advice, guidance and development of cushions and foam items tailored to your requirements and specifications.

We make everything in our own factories in Denmark and Slovakia.


At B6 Gruppen, we focus on the customer.
Call us or write us, and get a good start on your products.

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