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product development

From brainstorm to end product

In B6 Gruppen's product development departments, we are always available to find the optimal solution to any desired seating position.
Whether it comes to seat-, back-, arm-, or deco-cushions we focus on comfort and quality.


We unite many years of experience with the use of a wide range of good materials for making exactly the products our customers want.
Whether it is cushions with simple constructions or complex combination cushions, we will solve the task.

We are always ready to start cooperation from the first "fledgling thought" to the end product.
We can work from any angle - a sketch, a sample, an outer ticking or just an idea!
In cooperation with the customer, we work our way to the desired solution.

Through our extensive experience and expertise, we master easily the traditional solutions, but also the more demanding challenges, where creativity and individualism must be the hallmark.



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