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B6 Gruppen was founded in 1972. After a period in the area of Aalborg, the factory moved to newly-built facilities in Sæby. The factory in Sæby has been extended by several stages, so that we can now serve multiple industries with our manufacturing- and trading activities. 

Today B6 Gruppen's manufacturing activities take place in both Denmark and Slovakia.

It all started with a good idea:
Sponges with soap for swimming facilities. At start-up, foam plastic was the basic raw material – primarily made for the furniture sector and disposable products for the hospital sector.

Since then both product range and customer segment have been extended significantly, so that today the customer base is within the following areas:
  • Acoustics – Sound insulation and sound absorption products

  • Furniture – All kind of furniture cushions and foam items

  • Care – Various textiles, hygiene products and foam washcloths

  • Cleaning – Cleaning products as well as disposable products

Within more of our businesses, B6 Gruppen is the market leader with a considerable export to a number of countries.

In 2004 chief executive, Kurt Stenbro handed over the management to a second part, and in 2006, Brian Stenbro took over the post as managing director.
Today, Mr. Kurt Stenbro is chairman of the board.

It is B6 Gruppen’s target to keep our focus on the development of new products and solutions to our customers, and that that will happen in a close co-operation with existing- and new customers/suppliers.

B6 Gruppen

The Furniture Division 

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